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The Zombies Have Arrived!

Welcome to Killer Thursday, where everything goes bump-in-the-night…

The Walking Dead is back and opened with an episode every bit as stunning as last season’s (check out Jess Witkin’s awesome post on the Season 2 Premiere here).

The group, short another member, is trying to get out of walker-infested Atlanta. The CDC was a bust. Cracks in the group are starting to show and resentments are growing. Rick, the protector, tries ever harder to keep them all together and save everyone, though he’s plagued with doubts of his own. Their chances look grim but Rick’s motto is “a slim chance is better than none.”

I couldn’t agree more. Now, somebody get me a machete.

There’s more Walking Dead fun to be had online. AMC has a series of webisodes about Bicycle Girl. Check ’em out here. I wonder if they’ll have a series on the little girl with the teddy bear *shudders with delight*.

And now for the results of the best/worst zombie flicks of all-time poll. Lets see what you guys though:

For Best Zombie Movie Ever, Zombieland (2009) wins the prize with Night of the Living Dead (1968) and Shaun of the Dead (2004) tying for a close second.

Resident Evil (2002) takes the title of Worst Zombie Movie of All time (awww come on guys. Milla Jovovich!), with The Crazies (2010) taking second.

8 thoughts on “The Zombies Have Arrived!

  1. Hurrah! Let the zombies march across our screens once more! (So long as they have nothing to do with the Resident Evil movies – in total agreement there. Ugh.)

  2. We’re having a zombie marathon tomorrow – that is, we’re watching all of season one of The Walking Dead and the premiere of season two. My guy has been texting me “ZOMBIES!” all day. Hahaha

    Land of the Dead is a good zombie movie, but I LOVE Zombieland. I watch it pretty much anytime it’s on the movie channels. The Crazies isn’t bad either, but then again, what isn’t good with Timothy Olyphant? 🙂

  3. @Darlene: Zombies have definitely become one of my favorite monsters. 😀

    @Chris: It’s interesting to see what different screenwriters do with the zombie myth.

    @Lynn: The Walking Dead definitely knows how to do intense. I think the best part is how the characters develop. The scary stuff is there but it’s not the whole thing. I love that.

    @Tiffany: Oooh! Zombie marathon. Sounds like rotting fun. 😀 Zombieland is pretty durn funny. Love the Bill Murray part. Poor Bill.

  4. I haven’t seen this show, and I haven’t watched even one of the movies listed. Can you believe it? I have seen I Am Legend, which totally scared me and so that’s why I don’t want to watch any more zombie movies, lol.

  5. That ain’t right. Zombieland is not the best zombie movie ever. I order all who voted for Zombieland to watch Night of the Living Dead as long as it takes to change your vote to the correct answer.

    Your pal,
    Sore Loser

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