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Got Blog Fatigue?

Dirty feet and passed out?Recently, author and blogger Nathan Bransford asked if there was an epidemic of blog fatigue on the horizon. Are blog readers having a hard time keeping up with all there is to read? Are (some) bloggers beginning to wear out from a heavy posting schedule or from balancing work, writing, and family demands with blogging?

For me, the answer is: yeah, kinda. Lately, I’ve been struggling to keep up with all the great blogs I want to read. There are so many posts that catch my eye every day but reading them all can mean sacrificing writing or family time – notpassed out
something I want to do. And my blogging schedule had become a bit too heavy for me – as work on my MIP heated up and household/homeschooling obligations increased – until I cut back from three blogging days to two. The relief I felt with that cut-back said it all for me. I was in imminent danger of blog fatigue.

On the other hand, as Jenny Hansen pointed out, your blog doesn’t have to eat you alive. If you’re blogging because you want to and because you love building a community, blogging can be immensely rewarding.

lulù is sleepingI agree. I love blogging. I love the community. I’ve learned so much about writing, myself and others. I’ve been encouraged and inspired. I’ve had the chance to grow as a writer and share my work. And I’ve had the chance to share in the work of others.

Yet, there must be balance. For me, that means cutting back on blogging days (at least for now) so that I can share my best and be my best in the blogosphere. It might also mean leaving fewer comments when I do read others’ blogs so that I have more time to read all the blogs I love.

Let Sleeping Children LiePower napping for blogging energy.

Are you experiencing blog fatigue? What do think causes it? What’s the remedy? Any suggestions for blogging happy and energetic?

Photo Credit (in order of appearance):
Dirty feet and passed out? by FlackJacket2010, on Flickr CC BY 2.0
passed out by feeb, on Flickr CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
lulù is sleeping by lo83, on Flickr CC BY-NC 2.0
Let Sleeping Children Lie by stewickie, on Flickr CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

43 thoughts on “Got Blog Fatigue?

  1. I hear you on the blog fatigue. I’ve noticed it too, that people are taking more breaks from it. Seems to be after you ‘ve been at it over a year, the fatigue really bites in.

  2. I totally find that I have too many blogs to read. I love the ‘Like’ button so if I don’t have time to comment I can still ‘like’ a blog and let people know that I appreciate their effort. I only blog once a week and at the moment that’s all I can handle. Great post and keep up the good work, we appreciate it!

  3. I only post once a week because that’s all the time I’m willing to take away from my “real” writing. That’s been a comfortable schedule for me so far, and I’m still enjoying the process.

    My blog fatigue kicks in when I’m trying to keep up with my blog reading. I love getting comments on my blog, so I feel I should try to comment on the blogs I enjoy. Problem is, there are too many of them. I spend hours a day trying to keep up.

    I’m just in the process of figuring out how to manage that. Unfortunately, something’s got to give. Sigh.

  4. I am glad someone finally said it! Thank you Sonia for another amazing post. I am subscribed to so many blogs that I have guilt when I cannot comment on all of them. I feel bad for the blogger. 😦
    I mean, how will they know someone read their work?
    This is why I like the “like” and “stars” on WordPress. Even if I do not have time to comment, at least I can let the blogger know that I read their post and liked it.
    I am very close to burnout. Two jobs, two blogs (I cut back on #3 immensely), a work in progress and a teenager at home. *ripping hair out as I type this*
    Not to mention keeping up on my sobriety and AA meetings! Fortunately, I have strong sobriety so I can skip a meeting if I am feeling good or have recently talked to my sponsor.
    I think I need to cut back on blogging and pick two – three days to read blogs.
    Thanks again for a wonderful post, Sonia… 😀
    You are doing great!


    1. When you have so many things on your plate, it’s hard to enjoy the blogging stuff. It can feel like an extra burden. Cutting back by just one day has really made a big difference.

  5. Hi Sonia! Yes, I definitely have blog fatigue. I have subscribed to SO many blogs in order to keep up with the people involved in my two publishing companies. I am overwhelmed and my e-mail box is on overload. I devote too many hours to it so I will be cutting back but I have so many blogs I’m following and I like them all. What I’ve thought I’d do is not read the same person’s blog all the time but maybe every other week or so. That way I can still follow them and they’ll know I am doing that, but just not every single blog.

  6. I’ve had it for a few months since I tried to post every week. So I eased down in posting and commenting and I have found I pefer to take my time to post quality posts rather than rush something out (check my latest….) 🙂
    I’m in it for the long haul so I think you have to pace yourself, this is a marathon not a sprint.

  7. Writing three blogs a week is no particular strain for me since it’s a labor of love. I do get bogged down on reading bolgs, though. If I’d been born 40 years later, I’d have been diagnosed with both a reading disablilty and ADD. You probably read three or four blogs by the time I read one, which means I can take all day trying to keep up with the ones I follow, especially since I like to comment on them. I’ve had to cut down on comments and skim 1st paragraphs to see if I want to read them.

  8. Sonia, you took the words out of my mouth! Ever since, I aimed to comment and follow more blogs I have begun to sway away from my normal rhythm and now I find there’s too much to do and not enough time to do it. Naturally, I am not a quick reader, so it can take me twice as long to read a piece of writing. -I have a mixture of dyslexia and language-inflicted word processing –mainly because my mother tongue was Turkish and not English, I tend to think in English and Turkish and have over the years learn to merge it into one language in my head! Go figure! I think I may need to rethink the daily visits to blogs. I do subscribe to blogs via email but my inbox is so full I cannot bear to see it and it has started to give me anxiety issues (not helpful when I’m trying to recover from it). I think I will unsubscribe from some blogs and add it to my Google reader –that way the pressure lessons and I can open and read the blogs when I have the time (makes me feel better thinking about it already 🙂 )
    I too write 3 posts a week, I am introducing guest blogger posts to lessen the pressure, but also I have made a note on my schedule that I may write less that 3 posts a week so that does give me some guilt free moments.
    As you already know, I have a tendency to write from 300 words to a whopping 2000 words at times. –I think I need to try to revise that; purely for the fact that readers may skip the blog as it’s too long to read and also I can focus my writing on my WIP as well as it is currently suffering.
    To try and get that balance is difficult, but it helps to not pile on the pressure on yourself. Once you/we find it, it will be the best way work, rest and play. 😀
    Thank you for a great post –I may write about this in more depth and look into anxiety concerns etc –thanks for the brainwave Sonia! 🙂

  9. I know the feeling, and I was tempted to just hit the Like button but then I stopped and figured I’d share my views too! There are times when I want to write, blog and read and it’s tough to choose which one to spend my time doing. I glance through my inbox and see plenty of enticing blog topics, but seldom do I get time to read them all, or indeed leave comments.

    I feel a bit guilty sometimes for not reading through enough blogs that I subscribe to. But then I figure other folk must be in the same boat, at least I hope so! Enjoyable post and it seems plenty of people agree with you.

  10. Absolutely, I am experiencing it. I wonder if I’ll ever be able to work it into a schedule like I do everything else? Right now it’s eating me alive, and my WIP too:(

  11. Looks like there are a lot of us that struggle with this issue. It’s amazing how much pressure we put on ourselves. We want to write and read and comment, but it’s next to impossible to do everything we want all the time. Sometimes something has to give.

    I can imagine it would be even more challenging to read all the blogs you want if there are language differences or challenges reading quickly. You’d definitely have to be more selective with what you did read.

    We just can’t beat ourselves up over not doing it all. We are all in the same boat. We just have to remember that. 😀

    I love being able to give “likes” and stars on WP. When I feel to pressed for time to comment, I can still show that I was there and appreciated the post. I wish Blogger that that feature.

  12. Well, I can only echo everyone else’s thoughts. I also like the WP Like button when I want to show the blogger that I was there, even if I didn’t have time or couldn’t think of a comment. I do feel guilty when I miss posts by blogs I follow, yet there are some days where I’m just so exhausted and I can’t imagine reading a bunch of blogs. I’m working on giving myself permission to ease up a bit.

  13. I find the same thing. I’m studying just now and revising a novel and the reading list is huge so I’ve cut down the blogging to at least once a week to keep up. Great post and one which I’m sure a lot of bloggers can relate to.

  14. I hear you. I’ve had a 2 days a week schedule from the beginning, and that’s enough to drive me crazy sometimes. 🙂 I can’t imagine trying to do more.

    As for reading blogs, there’s no question that I miss *tons* of good blogs out there. I just can’t keep up. But I think everyone has their “don’t miss” blogs, and our time determines how many are on that list.

  15. I think we’re all in the same boat. I cut back to blogging two days a week because it was consuming. My blogs, for whatever reason, take me sooooo long to write and I usually don’t start until the boys are asleep, which takes me until 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning sometimes. Then with writing and reading blogs and the day job?? Yeah. But, I’m learning to set limits and putting away all the guilt of letting some blogs go unread. I want to give my best in all areas and though I’d like to think I’m Superwoman…I’m really not.

  16. Like others have said, I think we all deal with this. I know this is why Thriller Thursdays have issues sometimes. They’re longer posts and people are busy. That’s part of why I decided to cut out my Tempting Tuesday posts. That’s one less blog for people to read. And they take up a lot of time, and Thursdays are the ones I need to focus on. So for now, it’s Mon/Thurs and Row80, and I’m happy with that. As Roni Loren said in her brilliant post today, it’s about writing a great book first.

  17. LOL loved the baby pic!

    Several authors have posted about blogging lately–the feeling of having to blog and the exhaustion of blogging.
    Want some links? Here:

    Me? I like to blog, but honestly, I don’t know what to blog about.
    About writing? I don’t feel that confident to give others advice about how to write. Perhaps when I get a nice deal or get an agent …
    Me? I don’t want to talk about me, I don’t want to get too personal.
    Then, what is left for an aspiring writer? Honestly I don’t know …
    And that’s the problem I have with blogging right now.

    1. Thanks for linking to my posts, Juliana. And Sonia, I think there is definitely a bit of burnout floating around the blogosphere. For me, it’s not so much posting fatigue because my blogging kind of works as my morning pages. But I definitely get reading fatigue. There is no way I can keep up with all the blogs I want to read. I’d get nothing else done, including sleep! 🙂

  18. You said it in your reply above, Sonia: We put the pressure on ourselves. With me, I was having so much fun blogging–writing and reading–I completely lost track of myself. I was like and addict at first–I couldn’t get enough. I was actually posting 5-7 stories, poems, and articles a DAY! I GRADUALLY BEGAN CUTTING DOWN until it got to three, and even then it was too, much. Just this past week I’ve cut it to one “encouragement” (that’s actually what started my blog) and then a poem, article or story 2-3 times per week. I had gotten to the point where I didn’t have time to write, and was posting nothing but re-runs. I might cut back even more, but I will always post the “Daily Encouragement”.
    As you can plainly see, I created the monster then realized I had nothing to feed it, and it was turning on me. Me, I’m okay, though. I’m new at this, and I will figure it out and find my comfort zone. I’m a fast reader and a very prolific writer, so I got that going for me. The main thing is I HAVE to write. It’s my passion, and if I had to make a choice between writing and blogging, it would take about two seconds.
    And one last thing: I didn’t read all the comments, but I read some of them. I didn’t have time to read them all!

  19. Amen sista! I hear ya on the blog fatigue, and it’s not a want issue, it’s a total time and priorities issue. It’s all I can manage sometimes to get my posts on time and read a few fave blogs, but there are always so many more I’d like to get to and tweet for people. I try to take comfort in the fact that everyone goes through this, and if now is my crunch time (working in retail…see you all in January. LOL), I know others are reading and commenting where it counts, and I’ll pick up the pace when I can. Hence my recent tweets, “Miss you all, been thinking of my writers!”

    Thank you for the honest post, Sonia.

  20. I have to say I’ve been neglecting writing mine, but I keep up with all the wordpress blogs I subscribe to because I have them emailed to me and I read them on my phone when I’m feeding my daughter.

    I’d really love the time to do more, more reading, more commenting, more writing, but I’m struggling at the moment with work, uni, the WIP and the little one so I’m content to just do the little bit I can at the moment – after all, I already have a job I have to slave over, if I start treating this like one I fear I’ll lose my love of it.

    I enjoy your posts though, and I’ll still be reading even though I don’t say much 🙂

  21. I’m so overwhelmed and inconsistent. I think cutting back to blogging twice a week is a good idea for you. Blogging should be fun. I really enjoy it, but am struggling to keep up with it all. I’m taking Kristen Lamb’s blogging class, so I’m ready for her professional advice! Looks like we’re in good company, huh, Sonia?

  22. I wish I could read all the blogs that I subscribe to too. I try to play catch up every other day or so but it is hard to do.

    I am only posting twice a week at the moment unless I have some other reason to post more often. I think it is hard to get the balance between home, MIP and blogging. Throw social media into the mix and it is a full time job which many writers have to deal with too.

    The community we have going is awesome which is why I try to keep it up. Everyone’s support means so much but I think when everyone is in the same boat they also understand when you just don’t have the time to do it all. They notice your absence and may even comment about it but at the end of the day, I think they really understand.

  23. Honestly- I skim a lot of blogs, and if the blurb on my wordpress page doesn’t speak to me a ski it that day- I just have so many I’m following! I try and multi task and that can mean reading blogs while I watch TV.
    As for posting, yes it gets over whelming I try and have 3- 5 blogs ready for each day I post then I spend an hour once a week writing three more, so I don;t run out. And one day i week all I do it a quick review of a foreign film- It’s quick and simple.

  24. Excellent post. Finding balance is hard. I too only post twice a week (not counting ROW and even then I decided only to update on Sunday). I try to spend one day a week writing up and scheduling my posts, and that seems to be working for me.

    The reading and commenting on other blogs is where the fatigue strikes me. So, I do my reading in Google reader, comment on 3-5 blogs, and call it good. Yet, I’m finding I skim more blogs than I read. I think I’m going to do a massive clean up after the holidays in the reader, and on Facebook and Twitter.

  25. Wow. I’m kinda amazed at how well this post resonated with folks. It’s so wonderful to be able to share our stress and encourage each other. I think one of the things I’ll take away from all of this is that the blogging (both reading and writing) should be fun. Not neccessarily fluff, but it shouldn’t be like pulling teeth (eek…just thought of Albert Berg’s writing challenge). When the blogging seems overwhelming, we have to find our way back to the fun. Even our informative posts should be a pleasure to read and write.

    Most of all, we should definitely keep up blogging, even if we have to cut back our days. Just reading some of the posts like the ones Juliana linked to in her comment can be so encouraging. When some folk are saying you have to be an uber-blogger to be anything, there are those who help us to see the real “big picture.”

  26. I definitely have WAY too many to read, and I’m finding the more I focus on my wip the less time I have for posting. I’ve been considering adjusting my schedule for a while now…the wip must always come first! After family, of course 🙂

  27. I adore blogging Margarita Moments & Other Escapes, and now that I’ve returned refreshed and rejuvenated from a romantic getaway with the husband…I have material galore for future posts. But, I write ONCE a week–not twice or three times as the norm for many bloggers.

    I wish I had a lot more time to read more blogs, more books, more articles, etc. I read what I can, and comment or review what strikes my heart. Like this post. 🙂

  28. I think there’s such good lesson in all of this. First of all, we have to remember why we do blog (reach out to people, share our work, learn, grow, etc). Second of all, we have to learn to set boundries on our time and energy. I think our writing often gets pushed aside for a lot of stuff. When we learn to say “no” sometimes and not feel guilty, we’ve learned to take care of our creative selves.

  29. Great comments here. I recently launched my second blog, so you can imagine how interesting this is for me to read. Blog fatigue — not the term someone with a new blog wants to hear, but now I’m aware it’s out there. Thanks for bringing this to light, Sonia. You now have me thinking even more about my readers. I want to make sure they’re getting something worth their time when (if?) they do visit my blog. This is a good heads-up!

  30. Sonia,

    I’m finally getting a rhythm down to my blog and, believe it or not, it’s a 4-5x/week rhythm. Like Roni, I use my blog as my Morning Pages and it revs my mind for other writing. I’m lucky to write fast though.

    I see so many people who put a ton of research into their blogs and I get a touch of blog envy. It’s just not my area of strength and I’d burn out. No, for me, I’d rather entertain 60% of the time and put a smile on the faces of my pals in the blog0-sphere. 🙂

    Thanks sooo much for the linky-love. You are one of my very big faves out there. LLC is fun because of people like you!

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