A Lovely Conundrum (a story in 500 words or less)

This week’s flash fiction offering was inspired by one of Selena Wolff’s Flash Fiction Fridays. I’m a little late in getting the story out…the prompt I used was for last Friday:

  • Genre – mystery
  • Solitary words to include in some way: conundrum, perplexity, enigma.

Better late than…er…really late is my motto. So, here you go…

A Lovely Conundrum

An enigma wrapped in a conundrum“Good afternoon, Francis.”

“Afternoon, Beatrice.”

“It’s a fine day.” Beatrice stretched in the slanting sunlight.

Francis nodded. “Indeed.” He looked over Beatrice’s shoulder at a largish brown package. “What, pray, is that?”

Beatrice shrugged. “I found it on the porch not five minutes before you arrived.”

Francis scratched behind his ear. “You don’t say. Hmmm…I wonder what it could be. Have you any theories in that great brain of yours, Beatrice, my dear?”

Beatrice shook her head. “It is an enigma, my dear Francis.” She nudged the box forward a few inches. “It’s rather heavy for its size.”

“You don’t suppose it’s dangerous?” Francis withdrew a pace.

“No.” She leaned forward and listened attentively. “It isn’t ticking.”

Francis cleared his throat. “I am filled with perplexity.” He leaned over and sniffed delicately. “It smells rather odd.”

“Yes.” Beatrice walked around the other side of the package. “It’s clearly been handled a great deal.”

“Perhaps we should open it?”

“That would spoil the lovely conundrum. Don’t you think?”

Francis grinned, his body relaxing. “A lovely conundrum. It is that!”

Together, they walked around the package inspecting it from every angle.

A sudden flurry of activity behind them startled the two.

“Mom!” A girl with copper pigtails and a gap-toothed smile ran up the porch steps and pounced on the box. “ It’s here! Can we open it now.”

Francis hissed faintly.

“Now, now.” Beatrice rubbed her cheek against his until Francis settled down.

The child turned to them. “Fluffy! Buttons!” She reached down and scratched them both behind the ears. “Such good kitty-witties! I wuv you!Yes, you like that. Don’t you, Fluffy-wuffkins. Buttony-boo.”

Beatrice sighed.

Francis began to purr.

The girl jumped up, grabbed the package and burst into the house.

Beatrice turned to Francis, her tail swishing.

“What?” Francis stretched again and turned his attention to the open front door. “Lucy-looloo…ahem…Lucy knows just where to scratch to…subdue me.”

“So I see…Fluffy.”

“If Lucy’s home, there’s bound to be cookies and milk.”

From the house drifted the sounds of cupboard and refrigerator opening and closing.

Beatrice’s ears perked up. “There is that.”

“And perhaps they’ll open the package.”

Beatrice hunched her body, tensing her muscles. “I’ll race you.” She took off at full speed.

Francis dashed after her.


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Photo Credit
10082010 package-o-art by Letha Colleen Myers, on Flickr | CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

23 thoughts on “A Lovely Conundrum (a story in 500 words or less)

  1. Sonia you always make me smile. I really love this one. I had thought at one time of writing something with my own four cats as the main characters. Very well done, and…..it’s Never Too Late!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks! It’s fun to do a little something different. My short stories and flash fiction often tend towards the darker side. It’s good to mix it up now and then. 😀

  2. What a lovely little story. I also love the words conundrum, enigma and perplexity. Well done.

  3. This story is great. I loved how you led us up to finding out who they were. I am so gullible…didn’t have a clue!
    And, curious, do you usually pick specific words to use in a story? If so, how did you think of the idea?

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