The Man with the Teardrop Tattoo (A 50-Word Story)

Today seemed like a good day to indulge in a little flash fiction. Many thanks to Be Kind Rewrite for offering the writing prompts and challenge; I needed a little respite from editing. There were no rules (unless you really couldn’t live without ’em), so I set myself a 50-word limit (oh, how I love those 50-word stories). Here’s my offering…

The Man with the Teardrop Tattoo

He caught me in the alley, the man with the teardrop tattoo. Pulled a gun. Eyes flat and gray.

I froze.

He gestured to my purse, my earrings.

I stepped back.

He cocked the gun.

I was faster. I sank my fangs into his neck right above the teardrop tattoo.


Inspiration Monday IV by Be Kind Rewrite:

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via Be Kind Rewrite


23 thoughts on “The Man with the Teardrop Tattoo (A 50-Word Story)

  1. Great 50 word story! You are a flash fiction writer, Sonia. I can’t wait to read longer pieces of your writing. Have you visited my blog today? There is something that I think you should see there… an award for you 🙂

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