The Man with the Teardrop Tattoo (A 50-Word Story)

Today seemed like a good day to indulge in a little flash fiction. Many thanks to Be Kind Rewrite for offering the writing prompts and challenge; I needed a little respite from editing. There were no rules (unless you really couldn’t live without ’em), so I set myself a 50-word limit (oh, how I love those 50-word stories). Here’s my offering…

The Man with the Teardrop Tattoo

He caught me in the alley, the man with the teardrop tattoo. Pulled a gun. Eyes flat and gray.

I froze.

He gestured to my purse, my earrings.

I stepped back.

He cocked the gun.

I was faster. I sank my fangs into his neck right above the teardrop tattoo.


Inspiration Monday IV by Be Kind Rewrite:

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via Be Kind Rewrite

25 thoughts on “The Man with the Teardrop Tattoo (A 50-Word Story)

  1. A great short story Sonia.
    I thought the ending was great. It caught me by surprise the way the victim suddenly became the attacker.

  2. Love it!

    And I’m in awe of your OneWord microfiction. In sixty seconds, I only wrote the few random letters that resulted from my sagging jaw touching the keyboard.

  3. Great 50 word story! You are a flash fiction writer, Sonia. I can’t wait to read longer pieces of your writing. Have you visited my blog today? There is something that I think you should see there… an award for you 🙂

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