Sacrifices (A Story in 250 Words or Less)

Here is my entry for my March Writing Challenge:



I should have listened with both ears instead of one but the door was thick and I had to press one ear hard against it to hear the conversation beyond.

Four voices.

“It must be done.”

“You volunteering?”

A snorting laugh. A wheezing cough.


“Too public.” A voice like worms crawling.

“I think–”

Didn’t hear the rest. Someone grabbed me.

I spun around. “Let go!”

Martin Baker. My breath caught. A flush rose in my face.

Martin looked at me, eyes flat.

 My heart began to race.

He shoved me through the door.

Four gathered around a table. Uncle Norris, Constable Wayne, Mr Baker and Mrs Byers.


“Found her eavesdropping, Pa.” Martin shook me.

I’d only ever touched him once before. His hands were warm.

Mrs. Byers wheezed.

Mr. Baker. Blue eyes like Martin. “Well, Missy?”

Opened my mouth. No words came out. I shrugged.

Mr. Baker looked at Uncle Norris. Uncle dropped his eyes.

My legs went loose.

Mrs. Byers looked up at me. Bright, clear eyes in a deeply line face. “A solution, gentlemen.”

Martin chuckled.

I found my voice. “What’s going on?”

She came towards me, leaning on her cane, smelling faintly of spoiled milk, and the others stepped back. “We all make sacrifices, girl, for the good of others.” She waved her hand and turned her back.

“What the–”

 No one listened as Martin pulled me from the room.

20 thoughts on “Sacrifices (A Story in 250 Words or Less)

        1. I definitely want to check it out. I’ll look it up. I love a good short story. One of my favorites from high school is The Scarlet Ibis. Thanks!

  1. Thanks for the love! These writing challenges are so much fun and stimulating. They really encourage me to write more and more. Especially when I have to keep the stories tighter. Definitely challenges me in a good way.

    1. Thank you and thank you! I was finally able to find a layout that’s flexible enough to satisfy my need to rearrange every once in awhile and has better font size. Yay!

  2. I agree this could be the opening to a novel. Very powerful 250 words. I’m a long winded writer so writing short stories are extremely difficult for me but you write them beautifully.

      1. I sheepishly admit that because of time constraints I’m unable to keep up well with all the blogs I like on WordPress. What exercises are you referring to? Have you talked about them on your blog. If they’ve helped you with cutting I should give them a try.

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