Tuesday Toss-Up

Shifting Over to Post-a-Week

I’ve been thinking about switching to Post-a-Week instead of Post-a-Day. I really liked the idea of posting everyday but it doesn’t seem very feasible to me now. It’s become a matter of quantity over quality. I don’t really want to make a ton of small posts declaring what I have and haven’t done in a day. There’s nothing wrong with that but I wanted to write more about my process and about writing and about my journey. So, I’m switching to post-a-week. I wish there was a custom option such as post-twice-a-week or post-thrice-a-week. Still, I’ll go with post-a-week and, if I have enough material for twice or thrice weekly postings, that’ll be icing on the cake. Mmm….cake.


2 thoughts on “Shifting Over to Post-a-Week

  1. Hi, Sonia:

    If you think about it, producing a quality, once-a-week piece is similar to what a lot of well-known writers do (e.g., newspaper column, radio show, TV show, etc.). So you’re in good company! I have a different type of blog and it’s easy for me to post more often. I try to do no less than three posts per week (usually Mon-Wed-Fri) plus I have my regular Sunday feature. But oftentimes the busyness of life causes me to put my blog on hold, and that’s OK. Keep up the good work!

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