Tuesday Toss-Up

Morning Pages Inspiration

I have previously mentioned that Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way really began the unblocking process for my creativity. I had been in a creative desert for so long and it seemed like there was no end in sight. The Morning Pages were a huge part of my recovery but I had really forgotten how to use them more recently. I’d completely abandoned the stream-of-consciousness aspect of the MPs and had begun to sit and dawdle over them. They became work instead of a release. Over the last couple of weeks, I found myself skipping them more and more.

Yesterday, I came across Morning Pages, Not Mourning Pages by Pam Parker. Reading that excellent post inspired me to try again to use the MPs as a stream-of-consciousness brain-drain. Last night, I put my notebook on my bedside table and resolved to write my pages as soon as I woke up. I did lay in bed for a few minutes before actually getting to the pages (hoping to go back to sleep, I think, because I woke up a little too early) but then I sat up and grabbed my notebook.

I nearly got a cramp in my hand but I was able to let the thoughts just pour out onto the page. It was a little challenging to keep  writing without allowing myself to stop and ponder but it felt so good too. My creative flow has felt a little sluggish of late and I hope this renewed approach to my MPs will shake things loose and get the juice really flowing again. Sort of like mental Drain-O.


8 thoughts on “Morning Pages Inspiration

  1. Love The Artist’s Way, and the Morning Pages work well for me. But, like so much else that’s good for me, like exercise, consistency fails me. And then I fail myself.

    Thanks for the post, Sonia, and the reminder to go back to my Morning Pages.

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